American Red Cross
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The Red Cross maintained a mobile recreation program to provide  activities for
members of the U.S. armed forces from 1953 until 1973 when the program was
closed. Approximately 8000 staff served in this program during its existence.
Donut Dollies
Betty Denney
Mobile Recreation Worker, Unit Director
July 1967 to December 1968
Camp Pelham, Camp Red Cloud, Camp Henry
I was stationed the first 3 months in the 2nd Infantry Division area at Camp Pelham,
then spent the next 5 months in the 8th Army  Depot Command at Camp Henry in
Taegu. My next move was to the I Corps area at Camp Red Cloud for 5 months  and
then finally back to Camp Pelham for my final 5 months.
Officially we were SRAO-Korea or Supplemental Recreational Activities Overseas.
Our purpose was to take recreational activities into areas where there were not any
service clubs nearby.
Cissy Nichols
Anne Meares
Jo Ann Cherry
Cindy Sutton
 Beth Klaiss
Sue Lewis(?) left
Betty Denney
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Mazie Scotchmer
Sue Dixon
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Sue Dixon
General Cagwin
Gay Moore
Linda Morey
Betty Denney
and others
CWO Ed Grigsby
6th BN 37th Arty
Lt Rick Rogers
1/15th Arty
Joanne Printz
Red Cross Clubmobile Unit
Camp Pelham, October 1967
left to right,
Claudia Fields,
Judy Hopkins, Zella Michael,
Helen Krebsbach, JeanChapin,
Wendy Wendler, Anne Mears,
Joanne Printz
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Laurie Robeson
Jean Chapin
 Sue Dixon
Liz Drosdick with
SSG Ken Parker
Betty Denney
Betty Denney
Sgt Butcher (?)
Jane ?

(standing left to right)
Val Gardner
Mary Kennon Barksdale
(seated left to right)
Pat Custer
Betty Denney
Cissy Nichol
Mazie Scotchmer
Kathi Neal
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